Food Additives
Food Additives: Citric Acid Anhy, Citric Acid Mono, Ethyl Maltol, Maltol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Acetate, Stevia

Stevia - Natural Sweetener
Stevia (Steviosides), we are pround to be one of the mainly suppliers of this natural sweetener.

Pyrogallol (High Purity)
We can supply Pyrallol (High Purity) at competitive prices.

Sodium Citrate

Sodium Citrate BP98 USP24 E331

[ SYNONYMS ] : trisodium citrate, sodium citrate, citric acid tridosium salt dihydrate, 2-hydroxy-1,2,3-propanetricarboxylic acid trisodium salt, citnatin, citrosodine, citrene, natrocitral, various other trade names

[ CAS Number ] : 6132-04-3
[ Molecular formula ]: C6H8O7Na3 2H2O


Characters: White Crystalline
Identification: Pass test
Clarity and color of solution: Clear and colourless
Acidity or Alkalinity: Pass test
Chlorides(cl)::50ppm max
PH(5% Water Solution): 7.5-9.0
Sulphates: 150ppm max
Oxalates: 100ppm max
Heavy metal(pb): 5ppm max
Readily carbonisable substances: Not deeper than standard
Bacterial Endotoxins: 0.5 i.u/mg max
Pyrogens: Pass test
Loss on drying: 13.5% max
Arsenic: 1ppm max
Lead(pb): 1ppm max
Mercury: 1ppm max
Assay: 99.0-101.0%

[ PACKING ] : 25kg poly paper bags.

[ USES & STORAGE ] : Flavoring agent emulsifier stabilizator
[ Stability ]

      Stable. Incompatible with bases, reducing agents, oxidizing agents.

[ Toxicology ]

      Not hazardous according to Directive 67/548/EEC.

      Toxicity data
      (The meaning of any abbreviations which appear in this section is given here.)
      IPR-RAT LD50 1548 mg kg-1
      IPR-MUS LD50 1364 mg kg-1
      IVN-MUS LD50 170 mg kg-1
      IVN-RBT LD50 449 mg kg-1

[ Transport information ]

      Non-hazardous for air, sea and road freight.

[ Personal protection ]

      Minimize contact.