Food Additives
Food Additives: Citric Acid Anhy, Citric Acid Mono, Ethyl Maltol, Maltol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Acetate, Stevia

Stevia - Natural Sweetener
Stevia (Steviosides), we are pround to be one of the mainly suppliers of this natural sweetener.

Pyrogallol (High Purity)
We can supply Pyrallol (High Purity) at competitive prices.

Potassium Sorbate FCCV

Potassium Sorbate FCCV


2, 4-Hexadienoic acid potassium salt
2,4-Hexadienoic acid, (E,E)-, potassium salt
2,4-Hexadienoic acid, potassium salt
2,4-Hexadienoic acid, potassium salt, (2E,4E)-
2,4-Hexadienoic acid, potassium salt, (E,E)-
2,4-Hexadienoic acid, potassium salt, (E,E)- (9CI)
BB Powder
Potassium (E,E)-2,4-hexadienoate
Potassium (E,E)-hexa-2,4-dienoate
Potassium (E,E)-sorbate
Potassium 2,4-hexadienoate
Potassium 2,4-hexadienoate, (E,E)-
Potassium Sorbate
Potassium sorbate (E)
Potassium sorbate (NF)
Potassium Sorbate [USAN]
Sorbistat potassium

[ CAS Number ] : 24634-61-5, 590-00-1

[ Molecular formula ]: C6H7KO2


Characters: White Granule
Alkalinity(As K2co3): Not More Than 1%
Acidity(As Sorbic Acid): Complied
Arsenic(As As): 3ppm max
Heavy Metals(As Pb): 10ppm max
Lead,Ppm:  2ppm max
Aldehyde:  Not More Than 0.1%
Melting Point(As Sorbic Acid):   133.0℃-135.0℃
Microbial: No Any Microbial
Clarity: Not Less Than 90%
 Assay(Dry base): 99.0-101.0%

[ PACKING ] : 25kg poly paper bags.or cartons. 

[ USES & STORAGE ] : Preservative, food antiseptic
Keep in a tightly closed container, stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area.
Protect against physical damage. Containers of this material may be hazardous
when empty since they retain product residues (dust, solids);
observe all warnings and precautions listed for the product.

[ STABILITY ] Stable under ordinary conditions of use and storage.
Hazardous Decomposition Products:
No information found.
Hazardous Polymerization:
Will not occur.
No information found.
Conditions to Avoid:
No information found.