Food Additives
Food Additives: Citric Acid Anhy, Citric Acid Mono, Ethyl Maltol, Maltol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Acetate, Stevia

Stevia - Natural Sweetener
Stevia (Steviosides), we are pround to be one of the mainly suppliers of this natural sweetener.

Pyrogallol (High Purity)
We can supply Pyrallol (High Purity) at competitive prices.

6.N,N\'-Disopropylcarbodimide (DIC)

[ CHEMICAL NAME ] : 6.N,N\'-Disopropylcarbodimide

[ CAS Number ] : 693-13-0

6.N,N\'-Disopropylcarbodimide (DIC)


    Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
    Assay: 99.00% Min
    Purity Standard: 99.50% Min
    Boiling point: 145~148 C°

[ PACKING ] :  Packing 20kg/drum (LDPE), or according custer\'s requirement


    Uses: Dehydration condensing agent for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals